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tv   News 19 5am  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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efren afante into the conversation. 3
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3 3 remember you you can follow the news19 weather team on social media for all your weather can follow jim...daniel...efren...and christine on can also download the news19 weather app right onto your iphone or android device.or you can opt for text alerts.go to our website at w-l-t-x dot com to sign up. 3 chilling temperatures
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many in the midlands without a warm place to sleep. so in the spirit serving others, one columbia church opened its doors to those in need. news 19s chuck ringwalt has the story. 3 "i had seen on the news they were advising us to bring our animals and pets in and if an animal has to be brought in, certainly a human. "pastor kelvin jones felt the shock of the cold weather early this morning - causing him to think twice about how he could serve his community. "i got up and it was cold outside and i met a few guys in this community that actually not even a hundred yards from here that are sleeping in the woods and we got up and we had to do something. we got together and said we have to do something." along with help of candice carter and the other members of the church, jones gathered supplies - opened the doors of their ministry - and began welcoming others with a warm
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are doing 3 what god wants us to do. being a service and loving people for who they are, no matter what circumstance or situation they find themself into, they are welcome here and we are here for them." "a lot of 3 people in the community we can identify with because what makesset free a unique ministiry is that a lot of us come from broken homes and a lot of us come from this part of town and we come from the situation and struggles that they are currently in."and although they recognize that they don't have a lot to give - "we gonna take what we got a we're gonna offter it.""i can't do everything, but what we can do i wantto be a part of that and i want to help. i want to be there for someone was someone in that situation i would want someone to help me."in columbia chuck ringwalt news19 wltx 3 set free ministries says that they will continue to open their doors every night until the weather warms up. they are located at 62-12 shakespeare road in columbia. 3 3 a reminder this morning that the deadline to register for
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coming up soon. if you still have questions....richland library navigators will be out in the community all this week to help. today you can go to bluff road park from 5 to 7pm. and on thursday from 5 to 7 pm at hopkins park. the deadline to register is january 31st. 3 if you were affected by the october are invited to share your story at a public hearing in richland county.the community input and recovery project is a series of six meetings to gather feedback from neighbors. the first meeting is tonight at saint andrews park, that's on beatty road from 5:30 until 7:30pm. public input from the meetings will be used to compile a technical report that is specific to the county and will include strategies for mitigating or lessening the effects of future see the full list of meeting times and locations head over to our website wtlx dot com. 3 military job seekers and family members are invited to come out to a military career
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orangeburg addition to to possible job opportunities ... you will also find resources for v-a benefts ... plus information behavioral health ... homeless vets ... fanincial counseling and more.veterans ... active duty and retired service members from all branches, and military family members are invited.that's going on from 10 a-m until 2 today on stonewall jackson boulevard in orangeburg. 3 later tonight ... frank martin and the gamecock men's basketball team have the chance to match last year's win total when they go for number 17 ... they'll be on the road against ole miss.the 24-th ranked gamecocks will look to add to their win column as they hope to make the n-c-a-a playoffs this year. tip off is set for 7 p-m. 3 3 the missing mother from sumter is believed to be okay after a phone call with police... but they're still looking for her. shardae davis went missing
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911 saying there was a dispute. when police arrived they found broken glass, an unsecured front door and two small children but no sign of the parents.herbert butler -who is believed to be her boyfriend of at least two years- is wanted for questioning in her disappearance. davis herself, has a warrant for her arrest for shoplifting in myrtle beach and that's why police say she's reluctant to come forward. neighbors just want the children to be okay. 3 everybody needs to get together and help if they pitiful, it sad. if i had any way of giving help.. i would 3 police officials say dss will be involved because it's a domestic violence investigation and the children were left alone but right now it's unclear whether or not davis will face any charges. for now the kids are with family members.if you have any information about the case you're asked to call crimestoppers.we'll have more on this story in the next half
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3 a man wanted on murder charges in washington, dc. was arrested in clarendon county. he's 20 year old william lee lewis the 4th.he was found at the forest villa apartments in manning monday afternoon.lewis was on the run since the beginning of november. an extradition hearing will take place later this week. 3 in kershaw county....two men have been charged with attempted murder...after investigators say they shot two people. they're identified as 20 year old leon holloway and 20 year old levi gibbs.deputies say it was a drive by shooting on bob-o-link road saturday night in lugoff.after a brief chase....investigators say the suspects car ran off the road. both were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. 3 richland deputies are searching for a person they say robbed a columbia business at gunpoint. it happened at the video express on two notch around 11 pm sunday night.when an employee could not open the safe... deputies say the
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the employee was able to get a gun...and that's when investigators say t t suspect ran away.the victim is expected to be okay.if you have any information that lead to the crime stoppers... 1-888-crime sc. 3 3 in myrtle beach ... ben carson held a question and answer session with the audience of the final day of the tea party convention. he spoke about the current state of the country and where he wants to see it go.carson was asked what he would do to reduce the national debt..the candidate says he wants to reduce the nations income tax to a 14 percet flat tax... to encourgage growth regardless of income. 3 "i think everyone should have skin in the game, i start with 150%of poverty level, but even the people below that still have to pay something because i don't think it makes anysense to have a large number of people not pay any taxes but have a say in how much the other people pay." he
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columbia last night at the brookland baptist banquet and conference center with state attorney general alan wilson for the conservative leadership project's presidential forum. 3 thousands were at the state house to celebrate the life and legacy of famed civil rights leader doctor martin luther king junior ... but it was also a battle ground for the democratic presidentical candidates.most of the candidates wove in the words of dr. martin luther king in their speeches, recognizing both the civil rights work that still needs to be donenews 19s joyce koh was there and has more. 3 clinton: how wonderful it is to be here without the confederate flag's a day thats been celebrated... clinton: that flag was just a piece of something remember the fight for civil rights under the leadership of dr. martin luther king... sanders: it is terribly important it seems to me that we just dont look at him as a
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from the past. whose famous "i have a dream" speech has stuck with americans for generations to follow sanders: what is important is that remember his vision. the world that he wanted to see.but the question of how far we have come...and how far we still need to go...was on the minds of the democratic presidential candidates who spoke to the crowd clinton: when black people are killed worshiping at mother emanuel with a gun bought through a legal loophole, this isnt just a public safety issue, its a civil rights issuenaming inequalities that they say still disproportionately affect the lives of americans daily. omalley: it manifests itself in many different ways. income inequality, a growing econome injustice, health disparities, poisoned waters in flint michigan, underfunded schools in poor children's neighborhoods.and the causes they stand behind changing.... wilson: we know that in order to have a good education, we have to have economic empowerment withth our community. sanders: i
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of us...that every public college and university in america should be tuition free. clinton: dr king died with his work unfinsihed. and it is up to us to see it through. 3 that was joyce koh reporting.this is all ahead of the primary elections in the state...the first in the south...which will be held in south carolina at the end of next month. 3 winter is finally letting us know it is here and it can be down right a group of brothers are dealing with the cold in a giant way. 3 plus, you're waking up after one of the coldest nights we've seen this winter... efren afante will tell us how long we can expect these freezing temperatures to stick
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3 check out how they're dealing with the cold in minnesota ... three brothers created a giant octopus out of snow in front of their took about 500 hours to finish and they say they heat up the snow in their garage to make it easier to's an annual tradition they've been doing since 2012 ... they actually use the event to raise money for the past they've made a giant turtle and a shark. 3 3
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3 coming up... an update on the sumter mother is missing... details and why police say they believe she's ok but still evading them....coming up in the next half hour. 3 plus... if you think it's cold here... wait until you see what people in minneapolis are doing...we've got that story in what's brewing, after the break.
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3 some people in northeast minneapolis have a sense of humor about the cold.on friday, one neighbor posted a
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frozen pants outside columbia parkway. he's done it for the past several years. it caught on --- with others posting their own creations of the look. they are popping up 3 throughout northeast minneapolis.
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chick-fil-a's menu today.... the atlanta-based restaurara debuted its new "superfood salad".... made with kale and broccolini. it's a replacement for coleslaw, and it's the start of chick-fil-a offering more organic options, including organic apple juice
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3 3 3 this is another photo getting lots of attention on social media. a bride-to-be in south dakota being comforted by her service dog. valerie parrott and her dog bella have been together for three years. bella keeps parrott calm during panic attacks. on her big day, parrott needed some time with bella before walking down the aisle. it was a moment captured by the wedding photographer. bella also participated in the ceremony, walking down the aisle in a 3 tutu.
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of cross fit, you probably know intense of a wokout it can be....and now that more *kids* are participating, critics are speaking up. that story in the next half hour. 3 plus, we now know one of the 12 marines missing after a helicopter crash is from right here in south carolina....the latest on the search... after the break.
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david bowie's last album is also his first u-s chart-topper. "blacactar" debuted at number one on billboard's list. the album was released january eighth - bowie's 69th birthday... which was just two days before he died of cancer. 3 laurel and hardy - one of film's greatest comedy teams - will soon be headed to a theater near you. b-b-c films is developing "stan and ollie," a biographical movie about the slapstick duo, who starred in more than 100 films and shorts from the 1920s through the early 1950s. "philomena" star steve coogan will play stan laurel, and john c. reilly will star as oliver hardy.
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coldest temperatures of the season.coming up in the next half hour, how one church is helping keep some people out
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